What is the Vietnamese human hair’s position in the wholesale hair market?

Vietnamese human hair of the highest quality in the field of hair extensions has caused the value of this commodity to rise steadily in recent years, both in the country and globally.


Vietnamese human hair

Vietnamese human hair in general

Since the hair extension industry was introduced to Asia, a plethora of new markets have emerged, as well as a vast array of high-quality raw materials suited for the creation of high-quality hair extensions. Vietnam has also amassed a supply of high-quality Vietnamese human hair, which has progressively established its own reputation in the global hair extension business. As the world rapidly runs out of raw materials for the hair extensions business, demand for high-quality hair extensions created from Vietnamese human hair is growing. However, there are still sources of high-quality raw materials in Asia. The majority of consumers who have used hair extensions manufactured from Vietnamese human hair have given exceptionally positive comments, demonstrating the product’s strong reputation.

How do you pick the best Vietnamese human hair?

For the most part, Vietnamese human hair is of extremely consistent quality, but one major issue is that it is all too easy to fake, so clients must be cautious when purchasing to prevent receiving low-quality goods.

The origins of Vietnamese human hair

Customers should understand the origins of hair extension items in order to make informed decisions.


The origins of Vietnamese human hair

  • The quality of Vietnamese human hair, like many other hair products, varies depending on the type of hair. Customers should first learn about Vietnamese virgin hair to gain a better understanding. All Vietnamese human hair items are of the highest quality. Virgin hair is also highly valued in the global market due to the great quality it provides in terms of durability and luster.
  • Not content with virgin hair, Vietnamese human hair is also known for remy hair goods, which are of comparable quality to virgin hair products of the same origin. When collected from a variety of hair sources of varying quality, remy hair lacks uniformity, but it is still far superior to other remy hair products in terms of quality.
  • Along with virgin hair, Vietnamese remy hair is a very good quality hair. This type of hair, although the ability to bleach and dye is not as good as virgin hair because of its lower uniformity, but in return is cheaper, it will be suitable for customers who do not have a lot of need for bleaching and dyeing.
  • Non-remy hair is the least gathered type of human hair in Vietnam. This is a collection of content gathered from a variety of sources, not necessarily in bundles like the two goods mentioned above. Furthermore, Vietnamese human hair is not valued for its non-remy hair, which is of poor quality and not durable or strong enough to be used in a complete hair extension product. This is not a common source of raw materials in Vietnam.

Types of Vietnamese human hair

After you’ve determined the origin and quality of Vietnamese human hair, you’ll need to select products that will appeal to your target market.


Types of Vietnamese human hair

  • Vietnamese human hair comes in a variety of forms, but when left unprocessed, raw Vietnamese hair is one of the most expensive raw commodities on the market today. Vietnamese human hair is used to produce hair extensions in several markets nowadays because of its high quality and strength. This raw hair source comes from there as well, and markets and hair dealers all over the world prefer it.
  • Hair extensions: Not only are raw hair products popular in Vietnam, but hair extensions manufactured from Vietnamese human hair are as well. Customers who use this source of hair extensions manufactured from Vietnamese human hair are very pleased with the smooth and natural hair quality. This hair type with each market also has differences. Vietnamese weft hair extensions are more suitable for the African market because they are suitable for short and ruffled hair textures. Meanwhile, tape tip hair is more suitable for European customers. Furthermore, because Vietnam has a local source of raw hair, the production of hair extensions is substantially decreased, resulting in prices that are frequently lower than those found in other markets of comparable quality.
  • As a result, while looking to buy Vietnamese human hair goods, hair extension markets are highly interested in a variety of products that are very fit for the needs of clients today in the market. Vietnamese hair products have grown increasingly popular in the worldwide hair extension industry, as they have similar quality to many high-end items in many other regions, but at lower prices.

Vietnamese human hair in a 5S hair factory

The Vietnamese hair extension market is increasing day by day with good raw materials, and 5S hair factory stands out as an excellent supplier of Vietnamese human hair many years after hair extensions first debuted on the market. 5S hair salon With numerous key commercial links, Vietnamese human hair products have been provided to many markets across the world. As a result, the 5S hair factory’s reputation in the global hair extension market is exceptionally high today, not only because of its Vietnamese human hair goods, but also because of its thorough working style, which has made consumers feel tremendously at ease.

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