Nowadays, business activities are deemed a profit- making field, particularly in the hair industry. Meanwhile, this field also creates the favorable conditions for the development of K- hair  for decades. To gain the prominent achievement during operation, all of us have to admit the continuous effort and breakthroughs of K- hair. Follow me in the following content for the explanation about these admirable accomplishments in this billion industry!

Before anything else, let’s look back at the historic development of K- hair  from the beginning! K- hair was set up in 1992 in the heart of Vietnam- Hanoi capital. Thanks to having a deep understanding in market survey, CEO of  K- hair- Mr Daniel started up this area in a potential and possible location from the first steps. And then, K- hair has conducted a mission to become the leading wholesale hair vendors, not only in this S- shaped country, but all over the globe. That’s the global ambitions of leaders, as  well as the workforce in K-hair.

In terms of supplying hair products, K- hair tends to follow this slogan: “Quality is King, Buyer is centre focus, Respect professional punctual”. As you can see, the quality criteria becomes the first and foremost in business strategy of almost all corporations, of course, K- hair is not an exception. To date, K- hair is distributing all hair extensions products with the highest quality, ranging from weft hair, clip- in, tape- in, ponytail, etc with a range of different hairstyles and color, along with the length and prices. K- hair always pledges to supply the hair productions which are in the best conditions. This pivotal trait of K- hair is progressively getting the attraction of the consumers. I’m about to take the Nigerian market for this typical example.

According to the information, Africa is likely the highest consumption market for hair extensions of K- hair. On a yearly basis, this market makes a huge contribution to the financial report of K- hair, up to 80%. The Nigerian always desires to possess a thicker and stronger hair, compared to their native hair. This hair is absolutely short, curly and also weak. For the sake of social purposes, as well as the demand for beauty improvement, The Nigerian in particular, the African market by and large has become one of the most royal customers segment of K- hair. In addition, the success of K- hair is shown through expansion to the European market, such as Brazil, Russia, UK, etc.

Every single moment, K- hair’s aspiration to dominate the hair in bulk industry and become the monopoly around the world about this field. Thus, apart from the quality criteria, K- hair also pays highly attention to labor force factors for a sustainable development. K- hair step by step improves the profession of all employees from all departments, ranging from sales, marketing, customer services, and so on. K- hair can take pride in itself for integration with the robust development of technology. Along with the salesmen in the office, the on- hand hotlines of K- hair are willing to assist the clients. The employees of K- hair can make a video call for getting the trust of consumers through social platforms: Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc. In this sense, the salesmen of K- hair play a vital role in consultancy for the demands of users, in terms of the suitable hairstyles, the sensible length, or something like that. Through years of K- hair operation, the dedication of staff always satisfied the clients’ tastes, even the meticulous clients from the European markets. Weekly, K- hair frequently holds the conference for equipping employees with the profess and up- to- date skills for the trend market.

Besides the key factors mentioned, policies for customers are taken for the right of the period which attracts the royal K- hair consumers for such a long time. Wherever the clients are, K- hair can deliver the hair products with a range of shipping methods for countries and territories, depending on its peculiarity. K- hair takes full advantage of Cameroon or Ghana for shipping the African market for cost- effective and convenience. Depending, if the users are in other countries in the world, they could ask the salesmen for the details. In tandem with that, payment method is also taken into consideration in the operation of K- hair. All prices of K- hair hair products are quoted in US dollars. Thus, K- hair accepts all major credit cards such as Master card, American Express, Western Union, MoneyGram and both Bank Transfer. One more important thing, the websites of K- hair with a range of useful information before ordering the hair products from K- hair factory!

Honestly, K- hair has suffered from a multiple of barriers and obstacles through the former establishments. K- hair- from a nascent enterprise in the hair industry from the beginning of establishment progressively turned into a sought- after hair brand in this field, compared to among hair suppliers. For the upcoming years, K- hair is expected to reach a new height of this billion industry and be present in all countries and territories!

For more information about K-Hair company, please visit us at: https://www.diigo.com/user/khairfactory

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