Vietnamese hair bundles: The most searched hair type today

Vietnamese hair bundles are currently one of the sources of high quality raw materials for hair factories from all over the world. Vietnamese hair bundles are not only used in the country but also very developed in export to foreign countries.

Overview about Vietnamese hair bundles

Vietnamese hair bundles are collected from many parts of this beautiful country. Hair collection takes place in many places, there are hair dealers, there are small collectors and even in salons they also buy raw hair parts from people who want to sell. Since then, when the factory has collected the raw hair, it will process and produce the world famous Vietnamese hair bundles. These hair bundles can both be exported to countries that lack raw hair sources, and also serve the domestic hair extension markets to be able to make high quality hair extensions.

Vietnamese hair bundles of raw hair are considered to be the leading raw hair in the current hair extension market because of the strong hair structure along with the softness of shiny black hair. These hair bundles when used to make hair extensions will definitely save a lot of time in the factory as well as keeping the original hair will make the sale of hair extensions more expensive.

Characteristics of Vietnamese hair bundles

What are the salient features of top quality coarse hair like Vietnamese hair bundles have you learned about it yet?

The origin of Vietnamese hair bundles

About the origin and quality of this product is probably what many people aim for the most:

  • The first is definitely the Vietnamese hair bundles made from virgin hair. Virgin hair is the leading raw hair in any hair extension market worldwide. Especially with Vietnamese hair bundles made from virgin hair, a popular hair type in Vietnam because the climate here is a tropical monsoon climate, which helps to make the hair extremely strong. Moreover, Vietnamese hair bundles made from virgin hair are often sold at very high prices.
  • Vietnamese hair bundles made from remy hair are widely sold on the market today. In any hair market in Vietnam, raw remy hair products or hair extensions made from remy are more popular than virgin hair. because currently the number of Vietnamese hair bundles made from virgin hair has decreased quite a lot because of the development of society along with remy hair which is popular anywhere in Vietnam.
  • Vietnamese hair bundles made from remy hair are mainly produced and intended for export to foreign markets because whether it is remy hair or virgin hair, Vietnamese hair is always of high quality.

The markets of Vietnamese hair bundles

Vietnamese hair bundles are currently being sold to many countries around the world:

  • Exporting Vietnamese hair bundles has become quite common in recent years. While many markets around the world are increasingly running out of raw materials for hair extensions, the Vietnamese market offers high quality Vietnamese human hair bundles. Since then, the demand for Vietnamese hair bundles has increased rapidly, and exports have also been promoted to meet the worldwide demand for hair extensions.
  • The export not only helps the hair extension markets in Vietnam but also promotes the source of raw hair materials in Vietnam and improves product quality even more. Vietnamese raw hair products are currently selling at very high prices in the market, so many people have raised and cared for their hair and then sold it as an extra income. This is also a way to stimulate the supply and demand of Vietnamese hair bundles products on the hair extension market today.
  • The growing growth of the Vietnamese hair extensions market has made the world’s hair traders curious about how quality Vietnamese hair bundles are but growing so strongly. Therefore, in recent years, items such as Vietnamese hair bundles or even hair extensions have also been exported very strongly, which is a positive signal for new hair extension markets in Vietnam.

5S hair factory provides Vietnamese hair bundles

As one of the factories that produce many quality and potential hair extensions in Vietnam, 5S hair factory- the best wholesale vendor of raw hair has also collected and developed Vietnamese hair bundles to transform it from coarse hair into bundles. finished and exported or sent to a processing plant to make higher quality hair extensions. At 5S hair factory, the products of Vietnamese hair bundles are divided into different categories to sell to the world market, making it easier for customers to choose products. Hair dealers are also extremely confident when buying Vietnamese hair bundles in the 5S hair factory’s hair extension market because from the past to now, 5S hair factory has always maintained its prestige in the eyes of customers as well as put product quality on top in each cooperation development with other markets.

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