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Nowadays, business activities are deemed a profit- making field, particularly in the hair industry. Meanwhile, this field also creates the favorable conditions for the development of K- hair  for decades. To gain the prominent achievement during operation,

3 Great DIY hair care products that can save you a fortune! 

As much as you “love” your skin, you also need to “appreciate” your hair. Everyone has their own unique hairstyle and condition, but we all need a proper, methodical process to get smooth hair, reduce shedding and

8 ways to avoid dry hair this winter as suggestions for customers!

There is a truth that customers tend to face hair troubles in the winter more than in any season. Readout thoroughly this blog to equip you with practical solutions for shiny and gorgeous hair when winter comes

All you need to know about super double virgin hair extensions

Hair business is a very developed and highly profitable industry. Social life is increasingly improving, so the need to have quality hair also increases. Therefore, super double virgin hair extensions have become a trend today. In this

Why Curly hair extensions become a trend in the hair extensions market?

Hair extensions appeared many years ago in European markets and here the indigenous people often have curly hair, so curly hair extensions have become a popular item in the hair extensions market. Why does Curly hair extension

Vietnamese hair bundles: The most searched hair type today

Vietnamese hair bundles are currently one of the sources of high quality raw materials for hair factories from all over the world. Vietnamese hair bundles are not only used in the country but also very developed in

What is the Vietnamese human hair’s position in the wholesale hair market?

Vietnamese human hair of the highest quality in the field of hair extensions has caused the value of this commodity to rise steadily in recent years, both in the country and globally. Vietnamese human hair in general

Wholesale raw hair vendor: Potential and challenges of the current hair extensions market

The more rivalry there is for the expanding wholesale raw hair vendor, the more these marketplaces grow worldwide. The need for a wholesale raw hair vendor is high It cannot be denied that the hair extension market

Best hair brand in Nigeria and their secrets

The hair brand in Nigeria have become widely known and purchased by hair businessmen or individuals looking for beauty satisfaction as a result of the high demand for hair extensions in Nigeria. The hair brand in Nigeria

How much is bone straight hair in Nigeria

Straight hair, also known as “bone straight,” is popular among women. How much is bone straight  in Nigeria is covered in great detail in this article because it has already won the hearts of many queens. Its