A general guide about split cinnamon and wholesaling split cinnamon

Split cinnamon is favored and welcomed in various parts of the world as an important element in cuisines and healthcare. Therefore, many wholesalers around the world seek to trade split cinnamon to increase their profit margin. 

1. Defining split cinnamon

Split cinnamon is among the 7 main products that can be harvested from the cinnamon tree. Cinnamon will be split into smaller parts that are roughly equal in size. 

Similar to other products, split cinnamon must adhere to clear standards, such as moisture (13.5% maximum), length (30-45cm), and must be packed in cartons. 

In real life, split cinnamon is used in cooking various dishes – both sweet and savory ones. It introduces an aromatic, strong, and warm taste to the food. In healthcare, split cinnamon is effective in treating many medical conditions, including flu, colds, high blood pressure, diabetes, stomachache, and menstrual problems.

The wide range of applications means split cinnamon is a highly profitable product for wholesaling. This is especially true when cinnamon can be resilient to fungus and stored for a long time, reducing the risk of damage in handling and shipping for buyers.


Details of split cinnamon

2. Biggest providers of split cinnamon in the world

Indonesia, Viet Nam, and China are the three countries accounting for most of the world’s cinnamon exports. For example, according to the Observatory of Economic Complexity (OEC), in 2019, Indonesia’s cinnamon export value surpassed $17M. This figure was followed by Viet Nam, who exported more than $30M worth of cinnamon products, including split cinnamon.

3. Factors that affect the price of split cinnamon

There are several factors impacting the price of split cinnamon in the market

  • Harvesting season: Split cinnamon is usually harvested from February to March and from August to September. Because the cinnamon tree is perennial, split cinnamon can be collected and processed in the next harvesting period or next year. Therefore, harvesting seasons have little effect on the price of split cinnamon.
  • Oil content: The higher this index is, the higher the price will be raised. 
  • Demands: In some countries such as India, split cinnamon is widely used in their cuisine and religious practices. Therefore, during festival months, the demand for split cinnamon will certainly rise, leading to a growth in its price.
  1. Top split cinnamon exporters and wholesalers in Viet Nam

As the second biggest split cinnamon exporter in the world, Viet Nam has many exporters with years of experience and professional manufacturing lines. 

  • K-Agriculture: Founded in 1996, K-Agriculture is one of the pioneers in supplying, wholesaling, and exporting split cinnamon. They value the quality of their products and services and guarantee to provide their customers with the finest supplies.

K-Agriculture’s office

Phone: +84 855555229 or +1 (830) 888 1822

  • Vietlife: Vietlife is a well-known split cinnamon exporter in Viet Nam. Its mission is to foster trust with global partners and offer products of the highest quality. 
  • KPRO Production Joint Stock Company: This is also a large split cinnamon exporter in Viet Nam. They prioritize customers’ satisfaction and always try to ensure the finest products are delivered to their clients. 


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