Why Curly hair extensions become a trend in the hair extensions market?

Hair extensions appeared many years ago in European markets and here the indigenous people often have curly hair, so curly hair extensions have become a popular item in the hair extensions market.

Why does Curly hair extension appear?

The curly hair extension used to be popular in the European or African market because people in these continents have natural hair that is slightly curly or even curly to avoid direct sunlight in Europe. And moreover, curly hair is also a symbol of luxury in European countries because in images from the 19th century, it is only royals who can wear this curly hair. Therefore, the curly hair extension appears in many European hair extensions markets to serve the beauty needs of customers here.

Gradually, as Asian countries absorb and develop the hair extension market, curly hair extensions also become an indispensable product that contributes to beautifying the femininity of girls who like long curly hair. Besides the characteristic femininity of long hair, there is also personality with a small curly hair extension like those of the African hair extensions market. African curly hair products often bring new, dynamic and wild feelings to a very special hair.

Significant characteristics of Curly hair extension

What are the outstanding features of the curly hair extension that have made it so famous and loved?

Types of Curly hair extension

Since ancient times there have been many styles for curly hair extension products so now the hair extension markets have absorbed and innovated to create many new hair extensions.

  • Curly wavy hair extension: is a traditional curly hairstyle that is produced by most of the hair extensions market today. With curly wavy hair extension, it brings a gentle and gentle beauty to those who use it and besides, it is equally luxurious when delicately styled. Curly wavy hair extension is very popular on the hair extension market today and for those who are familiar with using curly hair extension, it is definitely impossible without this hair extension product.
  • Bob curly hair extension: This is a hairstyle with smaller curls than curly wavy hair extension but it is equally popular as other types of curls on the market today. With this curly hair extension, it is suitable for those who have short or not too long hair because the ponytail at the tail will make short hair feel more puffy. It is quite famous in curly hair extension products because of its high applicability and ease of use in all situations.
  • And with any hairstyle, curly hairstyles are still popular on the market today. Curly hair extensions are extremely diverse so that customers can choose the hairstyle that best suits their real hair condition at that time.

The origin of Curly hair extension

Let’s learn about the origin of curly hair extension products to see what are the different characteristics:

  • Curly hair extension products made from synthetic fibers are an alternative solution for markets where raw hair sources are scarce today. Currently, factories have produced many synthetic fibers with a smooth structure like real hair today. Synthetic curly hair extension products are also widely sold in the market at a much cheaper price than real hair and so they are also purchased in bulk. Customers who want to experience curly hair extension for the first time will look to synthetic curly hair extension products to evaluate first and then spend money on curly hair products made from real hair.
  • And of course, more popular today is the curly hair extension made from 100% real hair with many types: remy and virgin hair extension of super double drawn, double drawn, single drawn…. Real curly hair extension products can be said to be high quality products because it has been processed to make the hair curly but still retains the structure of the real hair as it was at the beginning.
  • And with that comes the price of these products is also quite high, especially higher when it is the leading source of coarse hair such as virgin hair. Therefore, customers who use real curly hair extension products are often very concerned about the appearance of their hair and are willing to spend a lot of money for it.

Curly hair extension products of 5S hair factory

5S hair factory’s hair extension products are of high quality, but besides that, the price of these products is extremely cheap compared to other markets in the world. Especially with curly hair products, 5S hair factory is manufactured from top materials from hair bundles from Vietnam to get quality curly hair products with the best designs. All customers who buy curly hair extensions look for 5S hair factory to receive enthusiastic advice and support while receiving high quality products.

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