Vietnamese white rice: A promising market for traders

Vietnam is now one of the leading rice exporting countries in the global market. Hence, Vietnamese white rice is now preferred by many markets around the world.

Vietnamese white rice: An overview

Vietnamese white rice is now a worldwide famous brand.

Vietnamese white rice: A promising market

In 2020, Vietnamese white rice export quantity stands at 6,25 million tons while the export value is worth 3.12 billion USD, decreasing by 1,8% in quantity but increasing by 11,2% in value.

The overall trend of Vietnamese white rice is decreasing in quantity but increasing in value and exporting high-value rice. 

Types of Vietnamese white rice

Below are the most famous types of Vietnamese white rice.

  • High-quality delicacy (ST05, ST20, ST21, ST24, ST25, Japonica)
  • Normal aromatic rice ( Jasmine, OM18, Nang Hoa, DT8-Dai Thom)
  • Normal long grain rice (OM5451, IR 504)
  • Sticky rice 

Nep Cai Hoa Vang sticky rice

Vietnamese white rice: Main growing areas

Vietnamese white rice has three major cultivating seasons: Winter-Spring, Summer-Autumn, Autumn-Winter.

The major growing areas of Vietnamese white rice include the Mekong delta region, Red River delta region, Central Coast, Northern mountainous regions. Each region with different advantages has contributed to the development of Vietnamese white rice.

Vietnamese white rice: Aspects with great effects

These are some major factors with great effects on the market of Vietnamese white rice.


In 2020, Vietnam yielded 42,69 million tons of rice. With this quantity of rice, Vietnam not only fulfills the domestic demand but also exports 6,25 million tons of Vietnamese white rice, equivalent to 3,12 billion USD.

Governmental policies

Vietnam has signed many agreements to support traditional Vietnamese rice such as lEVFTA, EEC, UKFTA, etc. Like in EVFTA, the European Council limits the quantity for Vietnamese white rice to 80.000 tons with 30.000 tons of processed rice, 30.000 tons of aromatic rice, and 20.000 tons of non-processed rice.

Demand for Vietnamese white rice

The higher price of Vietnamese white rice has decreased its demand in the global market. Thus, the export of Vietnamese white rice usually increases in value but decreases in amount. The low-grade Vietnamese white rice is no longer favored in the global markets. Most developing markets now prefer aromatic rice- the major type of rice supplied from Thailand.

Vietnamese white rice: Top exporters

Below are some popular Vietnamese rice exporters to purchase.

Quoc Te Gia Company-Leading Vietnamese white rice exporters

Founded in 2008, Gia International Joint Stock Company has now become one of the leading Vietnamese white rice exporters. The total annual export of Vietnamese white rice from Quoc Te Gia is 300,000 tons. The company’s product is now consumed in over 30 countries around the world.

Vietnam Intimex Joint-stock corporation

Vietnam Intimex Joint Stock Corporation is regarded as the top Vietnamese white rice exporter in the market. In 2020, Vietnam Intimex Joint Stock Corporation exported 497,000 tons of Vietnamese white rice.

K-Agriculture Factory- Leading Vietnamese white rice exporter

With 25 years in the market, K-Agriculture Factory became the leading exporter of Vietnamese white rice, coffee, cashew, and spices. The factory is supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade with the ambition to bring Vietnamese white rice to the world.


K-Agriculture office

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