Cinnamon factory: Main features and ways to approach

To possess in-depth knowledge about the whole cinnamon industry, beside cinnamon traders’ information, cinnamon factory is also a vital field to understand.


  • Cinnamon factory: The overview


The article will give you the most basic but defined things about the cinnamon factory.


Products from a cinnamon factory

The definition of cinnamon factory

A cinnamon factory is a place having machines and workers to manufacture cinnamon products. A cinnamon factory can either solely produce products or take on producing and selling at the same time.

Typical products of the cinnamon factory

Normally, not many cinnamon factories manufacture every type of cinnamon product variety, most of them focus on some typical kinds. For example, this factory concentrates on producing cinnamon bark but that factory is all for cinnamon oil.


  • Cinnamon factory: Distributing locations


Because processing activities require numerous areas of land, cinnamon factories are likely to be located in scare-populated areas such as mountainous regions. Besides, with a high demand for workers, those factories are put in Asian countries like Vietnam, India and China.


  • Cinnamon factory: To find reliable ones


To reach reliable factories, you need to know 3 things below.

Signs of reliable cinnamon factory

  • Transparent factory address and contact number.
  • Possessing good history records
  • Having quality certifications

Scamming signs

  • Unclear profiles
  • Early payment requirements

Means to approach

Unlike cinnamon exporters, it is not very easy to approach a cinnamon factory, especially if you are a retailer because most cinnamon factories are not focused on brand marketing. 

The best way to find them is to check the main producing locations of cinnamon in that country, then search for the keyword “cinnamon factory in X province/county” on the Internet.


  • Cinnamon factory: Most prestigious ones


The list will save traders’ time to find trustworthy cinnamon factories


Located in Sri Lanka, Lak is so proud to apply top-notch machines in manufacturing cinnamon, which ensures the quality and quantity of the products

K-Agriculture Factory

A familiar cinnamon factory to all cinnamon traders around the world. Located in Vietnam – top 3 biggest exporters of cinnamon in many years, K-Agriculture factory guarantees to bring the best-quality cinnamon products in bulk.



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