Brown Rice – special rice that contains more nutrients than white rice

Brown rice is one of the most popular types of rice for people who want to lose weight or get a more healthy life because of its delicious taste and high nutritional value. If you are interested in brown rice, here is everything you should know before using it daily.


  • Overview of brown rice


Brown rice is a type of rice that is only lightly milled to remove the husk and still retains the outer rice bran layer, which is why the nutritional content of brown rice is higher than normal rice.


Popular types of brown rice


  • Main types of brown rice


Brown rice has distinct features as a result of merely removing the husk. The simplest and most popular way to classify types of brown rice is based on their color.

Because brown rice keeps the outer rice bran, brown rice is divided into 3 types by colors: ivory white, red, and black.

2.1. White brown rice: 

This is the most produced rice and is suitable for many ages. This type of rice is ivory white or yellowish-brown in color, you will easily find it at rice shops or supermarkets.


2.2. Red brown rice

Red brown rice is commonly mistaken for dragon blood rice because of its red-brown color. The simplest way to identify it is to split the rice and see if the inner core is white.  If it is, it is red brown rice. Dragon blood rice will be a dark crimson on the interior.


2.3. Black brown rice


Black brown rice will usually have a charcoal purple color, not completely black. This type of rice is low in sugar, extremely high in fiber and plant compounds, creating a feeling of fullness and reducing appetite, helping to promote weight loss.



Brown Japonica rice


  • How to choose and buy good brown rice


In order to buy good brown rice, you should touch the brown rice grain to feel the slightly rough outer layer due to the bran layer covering the outside.

You should choose to buy rice that is still whole, not broken, and has the characteristic aroma of new rice, and avoid buying rice that is old or has termites. Because these types of rice have been kept for a long time and have lost a lot of nutrients.

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